Dance is as much about the body as it is the mind, after all…

Created by Stephanie Bergeron, professional dancer, choreographer, and dance instructor (CAEA, PAA, PBT, GKIHS, former Professor- Centennial College), the exclusive 7-Day Visualization Challenge includes:

  • Daily Written Coaching & Instruction
  • Guided Visualization Audios, personally voiced by Stephanie
  • A Valuable Skill for your Artist's Mind!

Listen to a sample!

Visualization is an incredibly simple and effective tool to condition the mind and body for peak performance. It has been used for years by Olympians and professional athletes to encourage good habits, excellent mindset, and high-precision execution of skills. It’s no wonder dancers are catching on to this potent science-backed tool to improve performances as well!


Think of it like mental rehearsal. Visualization allows us to “see” and repeat any element of performance we wish, in detail and at any speed, without physically exhausting the body.

This course was designed to help strengthen technique and keep performance skills sharp, even when we might not have access to a studio or stage.

Suitable for all dancers, movers, and other artists working with choreography, the 7-Day Visualization Challenge builds execution skills to can help take performances to the next level.


Neurons that fire together, wire together.

 -Donald Hebb, Neuropsychologist

A disclaimer: I am not, nor do I claim to be any type of therapist, psychologist, or licensed mental health professional. I simply want to share some visualization prompts that I have used as a professional dancer and dance teacher! By following along with this Challenge, you agree to accept any and all risks associated with participation, accessing, or attempting any of the material herein.